A Family of More Than 100

As Police Memorial Week has finished for another year, I’d like to thank the 100 Club of Arizona for its wonderful support of Arizona Law Enforcement and Firefighter families.

The 100 Club was started with the idea of getting 100 people to contribute to the fund for a fallen police officer.

Today, the 100 Club of Arizona supports all police, correctional, probation and parole officers, firefighters, and federal agents who are serving and protecting the citizens of Arizona. This includes all county, tribal, state and federal levels.

Few professions have the risk that public safety brings to family members. And already in 2011, the 100 Club has helped the families of five officers and firefighters who have died in the line of duty. On that worst of days, spouses, parents and children of public safety employees are helped by the family of the 100 Club, not just financially, but with shoulder-to-shoulder support and care.

You may be part of the “silent majority” who sees their public safety employees looking after them all day, every day. And you may have wondered what people can do to say thank you. One great way is to join the 100 Club. Membership in the 100 Club of Arizona is open to everyone and provides “minimum effort and maximum satisfaction.”

Thank you (become a member today).

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