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Welcome to a blog about staying safe in our communities here in Arizona.  It grew from the idea of being better-connected with neighborhoods, businesses, students, boaters, commuters, visitors, bicyclists, employees and any other break-down that describes you and me.  So as to provide information and, hopefully, insight about living safely in our state.

You’ll find posts about safety and policing, crime prevention tips, links to useful safety and crime prevention sites and pointers to useful articles.  The posts will be short so you can skip ahead if an idea is not for you. You can ask safety questions and I hope you’ll suggest crime prevention tips and topics. Please comment when you like what you see, when you don’t and what else you want to see. You can get notifications on Facebook and Twitter.

What you won’t see here are real-time traffic alerts.  Or politics.  Or breaking stories.  There also won’t be a lot of what we call de-briefs or crime stories.   No mugshots.  All of these are better handled in other places or involve privacy issues or whatnot.

Lastly, I don’t speak for any particular department or agency.


About the Author

BeSafeInAZ draws on law enforcement experience from the 90’s, the 00’s, and today including neighborhood policing and a variety of criminal investigation assignments.

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