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Day One

Each blog must start somewhere.  This one started as an easy-to-read spot on staying safe in our community here on the Rio Salado.  It grew from the idea (not mine) of being better-connected with communities.  That’s a form of government-speak for the different elements of our city: neighborhoods, businesses, students, boaters, commuters, visitors, employees and any other break-down that describes you and me.  So as to provide information and, hopefully, insight about living safe in Tempe.

If my IT pal can pull off a question and answer format here, you can ask safety questions.  Whether this happens or not, I’ll post crime prevention tips (there are a lot of them), links to useful safety and crime prevention sites, pointers to useful articles and short essays about safety and policing.  Because we all have varied interests, the posts will be short so you can skip ahead if a given idea isn’t for you.

What won’t be here are traffic alerts.  Or politics.  Or breaking stories (I’ll either be busy working them or else at home “supervising” chores and homework).  There also won’t be a lot of what we call de-briefs or crime stories.   No mugshots.  All of these are better handled in other places or involve privacy issues or whatnot.

Lastly, I don’t speak for anyone else or a given agency.

Be Safe