Surviving a Burglary?

It’s always best to try to prevent burglary. But some recent incidents have made me think more about what I call Burglary Survival.

Your chances of being burglarized are actually very small. But odds are not a comfort if you ARE burglarized. It’s completely awful to come home and find that some hoodlum has broken in and taken valuables.

So in addition to trying to prevent a burglary, there are some things you can do to help survive a burglary if you suffer one.

> Check your Insurance & get a floater for valuables
>Collect serial numbers
>Take photos of unique items
>Engrave your belongings with a unique number

Your homeowner’s insurance probably won’t cover expensive jewelry or unique items like silver – or will have a set limit on their replacement value. The way around this is to cover specific items with a floater or addendum to your policy. And speaking of replacement, find out what your policy says about the level at which items will be replaced – your policy will say whether you will receive current cash value or replacement cost. For example, your t.v. may not cost much anymore and nothing near what a replacement will cost you.

If you have family heirlooms that aren’t appraised or a collection, say of books, that you don’t have receipts for, take pictures or video’s and keep them safe so you can prove you owned them at the time of the break-in.

Take pictures of jewelry since they don’t have serial numbers.

Take some time this Saturday to collect the manuals or warranty cards or receipts for your t.v., stereo, laptop, iPod dock, etc, so you can report them after a break-in. You won’t get anything back unless the serial numbers can be tracked by police.

Hide your spare check books and shred old financial records.

Don’t write passwords down and keep them near your computer. Do hide a list of your credit cards along with the 800 number on the back so you can cancel them right away.

Finally, consider doing a Home Inventory

I hope you never have a burglary. But take these easy steps to make a burglary survivable and not a nightmare.

Share your thoughts and stay safe!

One thought on “Surviving a Burglary?

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