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The Village is Digital. How’s That Working For Your Kids?

Overwhelmed by all the technology your kids know about? When did you last do a “parent update” on everything in your kids’ digital world? If the answer is anything less than a month, it’s probably been too long.

It has been said it “Takes a Village” to raise a child, but, today, the Village is Digital.

You may have grown up before the Internet, or when we still said “the World Wide Web,” or when surfing the web meant figuring out Yahoo. But your kids swim in this stuff every day. And they’re not equipped to really understand it or be safe. Personally, the first time I ever saw MySpace was in 2005 when I was called to a house about teen threats. I was expecting, “here’s my son – you can ask him about it,” instead, the Mom said, “look at his computer.” That was all new — I hadn’t heard about MySpace and the term cyberbullying hadn’t been coined yet. And MySpace isn’t even the cool place to be anymore.

Ask your child, “How many friends so you have?” They’ll include people they’ve never met. If your kids are younger, see how many Club Penguin kids they “know.” If they’re older, search for their Facebook pages (they may have more than one). How about e-mail accounts? With free services, a teen can easily have five or more accounts – none of them arranged through parents.

For a suggestion on talking to your kids see: A Parent/Author/Tech Pundit’s View on How to Teach Kids Privacy

For more information overall, here’s a pretty thorough list of Digital areas to think about and look into. The same site also has guides on specific sites or topics.

What have you found useful?

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R. Mitchell